Sept 11th’s prompt is “No day shall erase you from the memory of time” (Virgil quote at the 9/11 Twin Towers Memorial.)


A somber day in the US, and a day to note how divided we have become the past two years in the nation – with Islamophobia on the rise … along with xenophobia, homophobia,  Basically, far too many phobias!

I much rather think about how embracing our differences reminds us of our overwhelming similarities and humanity … and how better the USA is when we ARE UNITED! I much rather remember, with awe, the acts of heroism Americans showed in the face of three tragedies. And the outpouring support our global neighbors pored ou to the USA in the aftermath.


Like a lot of Pacific Northwest poets. I like to think I am a Poet of Peace, one that promotes and strives for peace both locally and globally. and I have written many poems striving for the solution to petty wars and cruelty. And as a poet, it is my duty to lobby for mankind to evolve to the best of our capability, not devolved down to our basest impulses.

On a day like today, I like to recommit myself to that ideal. Not just because of what the USA endured on that doomed Septemeber 11th, but also because of the wars, damage and strife that was perpetuated in retaliation (and not even to those responsible for the 9/11violence). Even to this day, the prejudice, injury, death and just pure hate that gets bandied about, using that infamous day as a ready excuse.

Here is one of my poems written to honor the victims of Sept 11, 2001 …


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