Happy St Patricks Day! A day to celebrate my Gaelic roots! And as we small folk say “It’s a big day for the wee folk!”

It’s a good day to write of ancient things – pagan gods,  Faire Folk and The Sidhe, ancient lands and ancient tales

So Sunday’s poetry prompt is “vetustus – (latin) ancient;old-established; long-established”.

I’m sharing my “Irish” poem Crowleigh today for several reasons –  it is an exploration of the consequences of my ancestors, specifically the Crowleigh’s who came from Ireland. And the modern-day consequences of our ancient ancestors’ immigrations from agrarian countries o present day. It mentions a regret for not following The Sidhe when hey disappeared from the Earth. And of course, I am sharing it because I am proud of it – it won a prize in an Irish Poetry festival in Ireland, competing on its own against 100% Irish born & bred.

So – for Saint Paddy’s Day – here is Crowleigh …

Crowleigh by Ariel

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