It’s been perfect gardening weather and all the green inhabitants of Boxwood Cottage are growing like… well, a weed! Including the ivy.

When we bought Boxwood Cottage, it came with a few “wild areas covered with English Ivy under the trees. And as much as my friends may nag me that the ivy is not natural to this part of the world and needs to be ripped out – I love the look of the deep green, lush “forest”.  I even relocated ivy to other parts of the yard.

But it has edged out grass and some of my flower beds. And it is a fine hiding place for blackberry vines to snake into. So every so often I need to contain it back to it’s appointed home.  Pull it away so the covered swing has swaying room. make the woodland paths available for strolling.

It’s that time again …

 Today’s prompt is “trimming the ivy”.


Desire for the Pixie

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