Wednesday – and I am not sure what today is going to bring me.

I was hoping to be participating in an Srt Walk in the evening as CC Willow – but I’m suspecting the Salem Art Walk isn’t happening this month after all. And I don’t handle limbo as well as I used to. 

Wednesday’s prompt is anonymous’ “Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I’m writing about them. I am..”

Go ahead – That person on your mind? WRITE ABOUT THEM! 

Today’s National Days are :

One of my poems – written about a specific someone  – “Let Me” took a path of dark humor … Enjoy! I did. I don’t often go carnivorous or let my inner demons have the ink. I let them out to play on this piece – and my open mic audiences really enjoy it!


Let Me by Ariel

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Photo credit: Prado Museum.: Roman statue of Thalia