Today is like the start of a Nativity Calendar for me – a month of NaPoWriMo wriing prompts from other poets.

I have been trying to settle on a theme for my April. And being unable to find inspiration in the ones sondering through my brain. But then I had Jean D. come over for Sunday”s Poetry & Tea & she talked about SHE projects and what she wanted hers to be _She Climbs The Stairs” is the winner) … and something inside me sat up, said “Hmmm” and poked it’s head up with interest. So I think I have my theme … SHE.

Apr 1st prompt is  “She raises…


Although I am participating in other PAD challenges like Robert Lee Brewer’s April 2019 Challenge from Writer’s Digest I won’t be sharing their daily prompts. History has shown that I do not post until about 1 pm PST or later, waiting for their postings.  But I will share the occasional poem created from their prompts.  As well as the ones I create from my prompts…

And since I am one to always raise the ante … and Jean reminded me the SHE Project encourages use of ALL creative mediums – I will be creating art for each posts’ heading – Like the one above.

Happy Poetry Month!

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You know – I’m all about the prompts!!


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