Day 30 – Last Day of National Poetry Writing and all the Poem-A-Day challenges. It could be a sad day … But good news! Not only will November bring National Novel Writing Month but it will bring November’s Poem-A-Day Challenges!

As for me, I’m gonna continue posting one a day … HERE!

And tomorrow brings May –

when you finally get permission to polish and finish those Poem-A-Day pieces for public consumption .

Which leads to… Today’s prompt is to pull out Monday’s Monday poem and rework it. Pull out some lines and create something new. maybe title it “pieces of Monday”

And here is what my contemporaries are also offering this month in regards to poetry writing challenges …

I have uploaded my Pinterest “Ariel’s List” for April if you want to use those.

Want to look up a past prompt? Maybe one of my past Pinterest “Ariel’s List”?

I’ve made it easy for you. You can find them in my archive on my Poetry Prompts page.

I had hoped to share my Sunday draft with you … a political poem featuring a dove that kept questioning to me yesterday while I was gardening … however it is inaccessible on my dead phone right now.

So here’s a past Sunday poem …

Color I Remember

I am compiling May’s prompts! Any suggestions? Anything you want to see