It’s one of my bad bad days. I’m I didn’t make it to the Grand Launch of Moments Before Midnight.

Can I get honest? My mind has been telling me I’m taking on more commitments than my body can handle. It has done it with pain, with fugues, inability to focus, insomnia, dyslexia and (something new, but gets my attention) transient blindness. And this morning it was shouting I needed to stay home.

I didn’t; I had a much-needed Ear appointment first thing today. But, once there, that shouting became a full crisis storm. I So – message received – I went home, canceled rides & appointments (except Art Walk committee) and went to bed. I’m awake now and readying to head to Committee. After, which – I have a phone appointment with my Doc and then more bed rest.

I can’t stress how life-long damaging child abuse can be, how warped to can shape the wiring of a child’s brain as they develop, wrecking havoc in all aspects when they are adults.

Today’s prompt is “Thursday” … and my poem today is going to be much different than I planned. I wanted cheerful; it may be a House of Breakage poem instead.

As for the Salem Art Walk – we need poets, poetry, and poetry-related art! See flyer …’cause I got SAW meeting to get to.