Screenshot 2018-12-15 14.07.33Today is the day before the 16th.  And despite my efforts, December’s Ariel List of Poetry Prompts refuses to post to any platform.  No rhyme  nor reason, except SLIDing. Grrrr. Well – life goes on …

I think I need some Langhorn Slim’s “Be Set Free” for today. And I am pulling the first two lines for our prompt “whether I’m right/ whether I’m wrong …“.

Lyrics today come from !!! right arow

December has many hard days in it; days which have left deep scars. December 16 is the second hardest day – because I had to enforce a hard promise.

I had to turn off the machines that my husbands lungs and heart still going through their cycles. My Grizzly was an active man in life, hiking, camping and acting – and the worst nightmare he could imagine was having a dying body artificially kept alive by machines. He often made me promise – if the worst comes – I would not do that to him.  It was not my decision it was his – but I had to enforce it. I still feel a bit guilty – I made him endure 2 weeks: the doctors and I hoping time would give his brain and heart a chance to heal. December 15 it was clear it didn’t. And wouldn’t.

And because tomorrow makes eight years – I am posting another Waiting Room poem – Pumping. Because 8 years ago, right now, I was doing this…

Pumping by Ariel

Don’t get me wrong; I am no Miss Havershim sitting around in a moldering wedding dress. Life has gone on without him (another thing he insisted I promise). But Decembers’ now always pulls me mentally back into that waiting hospital room.

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