Your Song lyrics

A night of poetry and friends last night at Salem Poetry Project!

I keep looking back today – so I think we will go with John Elton’s “You’re Song” for today’s prompt “I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss“.

There are a few sources to go for on the lyrics today, I think AZLyrics has the best formatting.

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I have a number of poems people can claim are their poem – it was written about or for them specifically.

But I need to head to a doc Appointment .. so I will share one when I get home.

Updated – I had another poet for a boyfriend who how I captured past lovers in poems, especially my Chasing Tiger pieces. He was an amazing, albeit raw Las Vegas poet; raw as in he would very effectively use crude, shocking imagery for its potency and power. As a boyfriend – he was less than amazing. It took me a while to figure out why. And that is when Last Time You Appear appeared. Curiously it was the last time my muse has placed him into a poem.

Last Time You Appear by Ariel

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