The past few days I have been unexpectedly participating in holding a bullying manager accountable for their actions. No, it will not result in me getting my position back with DHS, I doubt it will lead to me being recompensed … but it was horrifying to know that the manager continued her methods of destroying lives to those still in the unit and to those who came in after me.  And so I had to testify, finally tell my truth to confirm and support the voices of their current victims.

It pulled me back into a past I didn’t want to go into – but news this morning indicates that things will be better for the survivors.  So the sacrifice was worth it. That manager had left a trail of victims and it feels good to have taken some role in stopping the rising body count. And, after starting to believe it even exists, to see Karma make an appearance left me feeling somewhat vindicated.

And it was heartening to have the warm welcome from those past co-workers, to not feel so alone.

I’m still processing this week’s events.

Let’s switch up today’s prompt; make it a Twofer … Go with “bully” or “karma, bitch”.

In reading the poems I wrote during that period, they often had a reoccurring theme of being commanded to change my nature or my form and I being unable to – needing to be something Not-Me.

The following is from one of my periods of rebellion … it seems apropos today.

My Theory


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