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I adore using poetry prompts – I think they are a great tool! I first started to seriously use them in Writer’s Digest first November Poem-a-Day Challenge back in 2007.

Great because prompts assist me in uncovering the unconscious connections my mind has made in observing life in an around me. I have always been a multi-tasker; it is not uncommon for me to have several internal conversations going on under the surface as I reflect on something or am trying to diagnose and troubleshoot some crisis. Prompts suggest new ways of looking at something (a concept or relationship my mind has been exploring) by making me compare it to something seemingly unrelated (a random prompt)- and I have to discover the similarities. Many of my most popular poems have started this way, including my favorite “Simile” which explores being oo afraid to approach an estranged relationship. And “Carbon” published in the Nov 27th released “On The Platform, Waiting”

AS I side note – my muse most often insists poems writing using a prompt be titled with that prompt, hence “Carbon” Sort of Like Sliding”, Survivor”, “The Last Time I Was Here”. The prompt literally becomes the starting point of the poem. (Not always tho’; Simile’s prompt was “sea-glass” which rapidly became a simile.)

Doing prompts in a group workshop is equally fascinating, noting the diverse directions each poet is led by the prompt. You get a very intimate view of how their mind functions and is shaped by their experiences.

And – let’s face it – I treat prompts as toys –  which allows me to be more whimsical than I would if I were writing about politics or relationships, a Poem of Witness or a persuasive poem.  And as rough as life has gotten since I’ve gotten more disabled – many times these poems are the only whimsy in my day.

November’s Challenges – both writing & artistic – took my focus the last few days. It paid off in many ways – I have many poems I can’t wait to get published, I have yet another infant novel to nurture and raise, I have 4 new CC Willow art pieces (3 to be in a show o open next week). But … It is Day 1 of the new months and I don’t have this month’s prompt lists composed yet. So I will be doing that today.

With it being December, I like to share in the whimsy and the warm silliness of the Holidays’ seasons. (Especially to counteract the upcoming painful anniversaries that December brings.) So, I think – here on the blog – of doing song lyrics (carols and others)

Let’s set the Dec 1st prompt as “that don’t impress me much”.

I mentioned Tuesday, that my PlatChal writers’ group has just released On The Platform, Waiting (our first anthology) that day. Nov 27th. The editors even created a fun video to publicize the release but, try as I could,  I was unable to attach it here. … Turns out my economy version of WordPress does not allow me to share videos.Platchal anthology annoouncement

So I have uploaded it to Youtube for you, You can view it HERE. I think it does well in conveying the personality of my writing tribe! 

Strange the chance meeting of friends – we met in the Fall of 2015, all writers and poets who enrolled in Robert Lee BRewer’s (Writer’s Digest) Platform Challenge. We had an instant bond and when the course ended, we gathered on Facebook and stayed as a group, supporting, celebrating, and advising each other. THEN we decided we wanted to write a book together. This anthology is the result – and we hope is the first. There is a little snag the editors are having in getting it available via Amazon. For now, it is available as an e-book, for free, on Smashwords.

Now that November is done – I will go back to posting the day’s prompt on the evening before. It was frustrating having to wait until the other links were posted and live before posting mine. I prefer to give you poets in earlier time zones plenty of time to lay with the prompts.

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