Day 10

Yesterday was cray-cray; not only did my ‘puter go on strike – so did my assistant, my bank card, my brain and my schedule for the day. I ended up going out into the world – itis one of the best restorative cures! I am slowly stretching out & recovering today. But the computer works again!

Today, let’s go with a “fill in the blank” prompt.

My PAD prompt is …”in Wild <blank>”

You can go different ways with this.

  • Replace <blank> with a word one your muse suggests; use it a title. I have had a title bouncing in my head I want to finally do something with – “In Wild Nucke”
  • Narrate a happening “in the Wild …” – you can get imaginative and fantastical with this. Tell a tale; feed the lions.
  • Take an article (advice, botany, political), replace words/nouns with “Wild”… Then pare the lines down into a poem.  (i.e. the White House becomes the Wild House and it is)

Other PAD challenges are …

I have uploaded my Pinterest “Ariel’s List” for April if you want to use those.


Want to look up a past prompt?  Maybe one of my past Pinterest “Ariel’s List”?

I’ve made it easy for you. You can find them in my archive on my Poetry Prompts page.

Garden Poems at Gaiety Hollow mar 22


Here’s my example … I was doing Write The Town in 2016 at a garden location, Gaity Hollow (located on The Hill),  And wanted to


incorporate the name somehow. When surfing info on the Iris I was drawn to, I realized that many lines incorporated the tone I wanted in the poem.

A caution – pared down, it still is long.  This is one I will be reading at April 22 ‘s reading.Gaiety Taxonomy on the Hill