What can I say – two has always been a very lucky number for me … It’s the “Month of Love”, Baby!  And it’s my birthday month; Spoiler alertI’m going to be sharing a lot of love poems and erotica this month! 

Friday’s prompt is  “Anam Cara”.

I have been lucky to have quite a few anam caras in my life .

As far as “Love of My life” spot, clearly, the top spot goes to My Tiger … so here is Faithful

Faithful by Ariel

Of course, there are other types of love – like my soul sister, Shirley AKA the poet, Willy Wippor Willow Jr. Met her playing hooky behind the school theater  – knowing her saved my life. If you hung around us in high school, you would have thought Laverne & Shirley – with me being the short, dark-haired all-too-serious one.

I captured some of my best memories in Shirley, my Laverne.

Shirley, My Laverne by Ariel


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