As a tree-hugger & conservationist, I am alarmed with how we humans impact our earth and our fellow planetary travelers. Especially with how we drive other species to extinction. And it comes up many times in my poetry – often as an apt metaphor to how we are driving ourselves to extinction as well, spiritually if not physically. Or it may be my metaphor as to being abandoned, neglected, something precious that is lost that cannot be replaced.

A few days ago, the last male white rhino died. And this portent has been bouncing  around my head.

So today’s prompt is “last male white rhino”.


So … shall I share one of my extinction poems? This one features talkeing to the old Nordic gods.

Elegy to Winter


So I have been trying a new format for sharing my poetry, using pix of the poems rather than typing them in – as WordPress does not allow any indenting of lines and that formatting is integral in much of my poems.

What do you think? Do you prefer it? Let me know?