Been waylaid a bit with pain.  Which means my touch has been toxic to e-devices the past few days.  Like – blank–screen toxic.

But my Pixy powered up and is being only half-possessed … so let’s get caught up on prompts …

Wed, Aug 15th’s prompt was “a villain is just a victim whose story has not been told”

Thurs. Aug 16th’s was  “there used to be six of us; now I’m alone”

Fri. Aug 17th’s was an “extra hour occurs at midnight but only a handful of people experience it “

Today’s Aug 18’s prompt is  “stop saying things that make me want to kiss you”

Things That Enter By Way Of Silence

Well back to pain-killers, heat and ice … Lots of pain-killers, heat & ice!

My archive of poetry prompts is here.

You know I’m all about the prompts!


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