Friday and I’m posting late. Sorry – I was in so much pain last evening, I went to hide away in sleep, give my muscles a chance to heal.  Friday’s prompt is David Foster Wallace’s’ “Good fiction’s job is to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.,This is equally true of poetry!

This prompt reminds me of a joke I’ve always enjoyed “If I go to all the trouble of bringing you breakfast in bed, the customary response is ‘Thank you, how thoughtful’ … NOT “How did you get into my house?

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And if that prompt doesn’t inspire you, here are today’s National Days that might :

I believe my poem “Let Me” that I posted the other day may have disturbed quite a few of you – a poem about dissecting someone with a knife; but that is part of the fun of sharing it – saying or doing things that you would not dare do in real life. Well – MOST of us wouldn’t. The person who was the subject of THAT poem – who I fictionally carved up – is a real sociopath in real life. I couldn’t retaliate her actions in real life, so I did it in a poem.

My sample today “Mini-mini-ha-ha” is a persona poem meant to be a reminder to myself – to treat an aging dog kindly. My annoyance was slipping towards neglect, which our rescue dog didn’t deserve,  so I wrote this to disturb me enough to change – to treat her more loving. After all she already had come from one abusive house (see above), she did not need another.

Miniminihaha By Ariel

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