My poetry friends know I have previously posted to 5 blogs on Blogger:


Blogger was great to learn with … but it is outdated and going away soon. And it was just too much to maintain while juggling a day job.  Not to mention there are a few things I want to do with this site, that Blogger was too simple for. I may keep the Aliases blog up for a while – exploring some stuff in there – but this will replace the other four.

I’ve had this site plan in my head for a while … time to make it a reality! I hope for better functionality and a more cohesive experience for you, my friend.

Ariel Bold
* Not mine – but it made me laugh when a friend first sent it to me! And – no – I’m not a mermaid. I’m a water fairy!

Bear with me during this newest transition. I am not only switching to WordPress; I am juggling a few business as I try to become self-employed. Yes – added MORE aliases into the mix.

Many people know me as Ariel, CC Willow or Thia – they just didn’t know me as all three! Ariel has always been my dominant one as I started as a poet quite some time ago. Thia (or ‘thia as I sign it) was reserved for everyday wear – the office, video work, community work. I started using it again for Stage when my son got the family back into Theater and Improv. Cyn was a name for flirting & being out-on-the-town; reserved for “friends”. How extraverted or introverted I am can be determined by the name I’m going by.

But now I have added Boxwood Cottage, my online eSelling into the mix. And that is a business that is evolving and growing on EBay and Amazon , with the hope it will supplement my poetry and painting until they become a stable living.  I may plug it occasionally – but I’ll try to keep that a minimum here. Here I am not Boxwood Cottage, purveyor of goods and books. …

And I’m ready to further my trip out of the artistic closet as CC Willow. I have a few years of art shows under my belt and I’m ready to declare I am Artist as much as Poet. I even set up my CC Willow Store on Etsy  last month and I am populating it.

Like this post, my life right now is “this, that, and a part of the other”!

Back to the post at hand … my focus in both poetry and art is reforming  to more professional than as hobbies it was in the past.  And I think, besides just decorating the  Ariel and Cyn pages, my CC Willow persona will get her own dedicated page. Look there for any info  and links about my CC Willow pieces. I’ll be taking things up a notch there! This is a new step in the journey …

And I hope this new website can take you along with me on it.

I’ll try to get it looking clean and spiffy for you – but if there’s something happening you think i need a heads up on, send me a message! And if you want to be notified of updates, happenings, or want some of the “Extra’s” sign up on my e-mail list. I’ll be utilizing that method more this spin around the sun!

~ Ariel

* Also NOT my work. Nor is it me!