I have been getting  sidelined a bit lately. Spending time in Portland as one of my brothers had a quad-bypass done a week ago after a heart attack early March.  I thought I would be bringing him home yesterday for his recovery
but “floppy foot syndrome” on Sunday had me settling him into a rehab facility last night instead. Leaving me a few days left to prepare. It has left me too overwhelmed
sometimes to then go on the internet.

I have been writing a bit about bees this week; apt metaphors especially in respect to empathy and SLIDing, for being “too receptive” to the environment around me. So it was interesting when an article about bees sensing bio-electricity fields from plants around them showed up in one of my Facebook feeds this morning. Again, it shows the power of the deductive wisdom of the unconscious mind.

Want me to read it to you? click here!

draft: once i was a beehive

once i was a bee hive
and there was buzzing and flitting about inside me
and so i buzzed and flitted outside of me with my hair on end

and then i started singing all the same bee song and dancing the same bee dance;
perhaps i was the queen bee in my mind, but there was harmony,
it was a happy productive little hive

and then I was the collapsed hive syndrome, nothing apparently wrong
inside the hive, just an increase in overall accidents, fatalities;
just a perception that my hive is wrong, no longer wanted, to be replaced

now i am a collapsed colony, tripping over tiny lifeless bees in hive corridors
workers fallen where they flew; unused pollen scattered in the dust,
undiscovered honey hidden behind obscured wax