I don’t mind slaying my own dragons; I do mind getting dropped into a nest of them fully-grown and me armed with only a pillow. ~ ariel

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Off the Savannah

i’m avoiding trees, vines,
anything that reminds of jungles; pools, rivers –
any other potential watering hole where i prey

i’m no longer patrolling your borders
no radar or night vision, you don’t need my protection
you never did. lesson learned. i’m avoiding

stripes and patterns, fur and camouflage
warm bodies and heavy breath
golden eyes searching below sparten shade

i’m avoiding liars, overhanging branches, savannah grass.
i’m avoiding searing heat and moonlight, new moons and empty skies;
not even antelope catch my attention anymore.

I am no longer capable of sustaining
long-distance treks, silence and short rations;
isolation is healthier than pursuing after legend

and isolation is desired. i hunt no longer
my blood is cold, congealed
and extinction has come.