So Day two and poets across the globe are picking up speed. Typically I start out strong in early April and then start missing posting as I deal with off-line life.  In trying to ensure more success this year, I spent Day 1 setting up templates for each PAD Day this month. Drafts have their scheduled post times; I just need to make sure to update them & finalize them before midnight each day.

Please keep in mind that if you see a sparse posting this month, it means I lacked the access to update it (I’m dealing with multiple challenges).  In that case, you will have to go looking for the day’s APrPAD & NaNoWriMo yourself and I will work on getting back online as soon as I can.

Robert Lee Brewer’s AprPAD challenge prompt is for today is … not today. I have a feeling that
this will turn political for me. As it is, I have been writing a political poem every day since Jan 20.  And mAy muse is turning the prompt around like a Rubik’s Cube.

NaPoWriMo’s Day Two features poet Dawn Lundy Martin.; what I had read of her writing today is exquisite, especially her … Dear One The Sea and I look forward to exploring more how she communicates the experiences of a black female.  I always believe we must learn from each other, and it is true feminism often discounts the particular struggles our black sisters face. It also links to the website Thoughts of Words  by poet Sangbad.  And, of course, NaPoWriMo’s prompt is here30Day Poetry Challenge Day 2 prompt

Addedum: Been looking for 30 Day Poetry Challange on Facebook and it wasn’t showing
any 2017 posts yet.  However, April 3rd the prompts started coming – including for the past days. Unable to link to their posts but April 2’s prompt was “on the contrary”.

As for my personal Poem A Day Challenge , today’s PAD is … a circus performer.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

While I’m not going to share my pieces written on Day 1, I have added some poems to a few of my poetry collections. Linked some poems to their SoundColud page. All in all, waded all day in poetry.   Have fun browsing them.