Here’s a good NaPoWriMo tip – if you have both poeming and weed-pulling on your to-do list for the day – do the poeming first! Don’t be like me; Sunday I did the weed-pulling first. And could barely use my hands the rest of the day.  After 10 years of PAD challenges, I should have known better.  My one excuse? It’s still early.

Day three and I’m still re-forming the habits. Getting up a little earlier to check my PAD challenges. Sharing them on the different platforms. Looking at the day’s schedule and finding those times available for focused writing. It’s Monday – which for most people means jump-starting their week. And a great day to jumpstart your writing month! Cultivate your habits early & they help you slide into the finish.

Robert Lee Brewer’s AprPAD challenge prompt for today is  (blank) of love.

NaPoWriMo’s offerings for today is an introduction to the blog notes from a binbag and an interview with poet Monica de la Torre. For a prompt, they suggest an elegy30Day Poetry Challenge Day 3 prompt

As for my personal Poem A Day Challenge , today’s PAD is … a full spiral binder.

Addedum: As of today, Facebook’s 30Day poetry Challenge is back on line.  Not sure who
the official host is for this but it is a challenge I really enjoyed in the past with some complex prompts. Unable to link to their prompt: “No Rhyme. No Reason.” but I could download the pix …

Let me share one of my poems from Saturday. The prompt was to write in the style of Kay Ryan.

past midnight

the cotton sheet
i lay on
is mostly smooth,
almost perfect,
for one wrinkle,
a tiny cliff,
where it unevenly
folds upon itself.
it worries the skin,
this unexpected
pressure; you
would think
the days accumulation
enough to avoid this
negligible cold
flat blade
but as you try
to sleep
that sharp edge
that scrapes
your skin
will be your
only worry
until morning.