AKA NaPoWriMo!

NaPoWriMo – likeNovember’s NaNoWriMo – is an endurance test, albeit – for us poets – a fun one. Similar to a marathon or triathallon, each participant needs to pace themselves &  develop strategies that keep you as committed on April 25 as you are on April 1. Perhaps more – as life piles on more obstructions throughout April. My first attempts had me sputtering out as I neared the third week.

Every person must craft their strateigies for what works best for them – after all, YOU are the expert on yourself.

For me – to endure, I employ my office technique at doing maintenance tasks first so I can then focus on priorities i.e. Poem of the Day, This year I adapted them to deal with my current situations AKA “low-spoon” days, etc, etc.. These factors mean I should accomplish my poems early so I don’t forget them by evening. Yesterday was a second day in the row of going “out & about”; a major stressor now.

Habitually doing my maintenance tasks first, allows my mind to then switch early to creative mode – and stay there for a while. My writing is very impulsive and organic;  my mind will play with a whim/observation for a while until a poem starts to form.  And when a poem has “cooked” in my sub-conscious long enough, my muse starts dictating it to me and dictating it fast. If I don’t immediately write it down, it will leave me like a high speed train. As a result, I know my other work must be very strutured – time designated for it, blocks of time budgeted, similar tasks grouped together.

Some of my poet friends are the exact opposite – theirs is a very conscious, formal process and they may take weeks, months to craft their art. As writing techniques differ, so must the strategies be different to accomplish them. You must find what works specifically for you.

Now – on to Wednesday’s prompts!

Robert Lee Brewer’s AprPAD challenge prompt is pick a periodic table element.

NaPoWriMo‘s featured participant is  Closed Captured for the Thinking Impaired  and featured poet is the unconventional Mary Oliver.  I really like how they are introducing us to a new poet each day! 30Day Poetry challenge Day 5 prompt

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is  … ala Mary Oliver based on the natural world.

30Day Poetry Challenges prompt is write an acrostic poem using ROy G BIV.

As for my personal Poem A Day Challenge , today’s PAD is … in a breadbox.

I already actually have the last prompt done this morning, inspired by last night’s porch debate.

white bread

as you deny doing so,
your words place me in a breadbox
with “dear” “sweetheart” “miss”
and a hand that cuts up in the air signaling me to quiet
as you over-talk my attempts
so you can talk, inform, educate me

forget for the moment you are only half my age
and living in my house,
forget for the moment, as you talk about a women’s experience
that I am a woman … and you are not,
forget that you never asked about my studies, my experiences
as you insist yours is twice in size and scope as mine

do not let any of these factors dissuade you
in man-splaining the world out there
as you inform me what a feminist you crafted yourself to be;
do not let any of these power-plays stop you
from proving what a compassionate ally you are,
how worldly … an advanced citizen!

because they won’t dissuade you.

you are too busy talking – having others hear you – to hear;
too busy posturing to realize people do not fit in a grocery cart
the thing about putting people in a breadbox
is they are larger than a loaf of processed, pre-sliced bread.