Day six! Truth be told, I didn’t get all my PAD poems done Wednesday.  On Wednesday there is a Twitter writing “game” #1linewed

that I love particpating in … but lately have not been able  to indulge in. it’s Poetry Month … so I indulged. A lot.

And that’s fine – because Poem-A-Day Cahllenges are not about perfectionism … in fact they are about the opposite. PAD challenges are about writing even when the poems aren’t right, even when you don’t have a clue what to say. It’s about getting the prompt(s) and running with scissors smack towards them. Pushing though that wall that you thought was solid and seeing it really was just a bubble. It’s poeming just to poem, talking just to give yourself permission to talk, screaming out into the void just to see if there is life out there.  It’s starting up a path and not knowing where it will take you …but it’s April, so you know you  are not hiking it all alone.

PAD challenges are a stretch workout  for your mammalian inner poet – it may ask you to think of an object you never thought of before, try a new form, communicate with another poet (living or dead). It may ask you to divulge your deepest regret or live out a fantasy … with an audiance.

And it’s about NOT judging yourself as you do so. Yes – NO EDITING, NO POLISHING – at least not until 11:59 pm has past on April 30th.  Much like November’s NaNoWriMo, this month is just about writing each day – and then writing again the next day. See … opposite of perfectionism. That’s because writers/poets can be their own  worst critics -and more literature dies before it ever gets on the page than any did after it got written down. Critiquing & pre-planning can often smother inspiration and many muses.

So – whether you share or not – just poem. That’s the response to everything this month -Just. Poem.

And I did do three out of five today. That is three more than I had this morning.

Robert Lee posted his prompt from the road; it is to write a poem about a sound.

NaPoWriMo’s featured participant is Blymey Rhymies, featured  poet is Bulgarian -born Alex Dimitrov, And the prompt is write a poem that looks at the same thing from various points of view.

And I’m not sure what time zone 30Day Poetry Challenge is in …but i’ll add their prompt when they get it posted … check back with me later.

As for my personal Poem A Day Challenge , today’s prompt is … an IT Guy.

I may have found a new PAD challenge to add. I’m going to exxplore it more tomorrow. I don’t think I will participatee in it – I am doing  5 this month and being a caregiver, my plate is full. But I’ll like to make it available to anyone who do.

I’m don’t have a poem to share this time around – too busy creating #1linewed poem memes yesterday. And yes, they each took sometime crafting. (The backgrounds are my own CC Willow art.)

If you want to check them out, they are here on my twitter. I was  especially glad  to offer “In Argument of Diving”. If you like what you see, go ahead & “follow” me there.

I had a friend tell me I should offer these poem memes on mugs & such; it may be a future project.

So, Poets, …. how is this month treating YOU?