Day Eight – starting Week Dos.

I have stated before that, while I may go looking for other April challetnges, I won’t add anymore to MY plate; four is enough this time around. Today I am tempted to violate that intention  – can I just theorize that it’s not a violation as its NOT a poetry challenge?  My friend TL Cooper has been participating in Bambeco’s #30DaysForEarth environmental challenge this April. Which tugs at that tree-hugger inside me that I’m not doing enough for the upcoming Earth Day. As I stated before, I am passionate about being involved in current politics; it’s a way one person can determine the future for other’s.And I’m a bigbeliever in putting your action where your mouth is.  (Those who follow me on Twitter & Facebook get used to my bombing timelines with news & thoughtful memes.)

Anywho – I’m really leaning towards doing this and hope you will join me (well, join T.L, she started it first!) Today’s challenge is to find your carbon footprint.  I’m thinking, with my current situation,  mine is pretty dang low right now. Oh, Did I mention some lucky person gets a $1 K gift card for participating?  I’m willing to add to my competition if it means more people work for a healty environment …

Now … who’s up for those poetry prompts ????

Robert Lee Brewer’s AprPAD challenge prompt is panic

NaPoWriMo’s featured participant tody is Summer Blues, who wrote an intriquing “lucky” (or unlucky) poem constructed around a button. Loved where she took me. 😀

NaPoWriMo’s poet is poet, Dorothea Lasky, who has three poetry books out. I find her poems to be whispering her pain, as one would pour cream into coffee or tea.

Their prompt for today is write a poem that relies on repetition.

30Day Poetry Challenge still only has Day 5 showing. I’ll keep checking back and post when they have more.

As for my personal Poem A Day Challenge , today’s PAD is … excited.

I am going to share the draft of today’s  AprPAD  “discovery” poem.

I had fun with this: not only did the theme seem to lend itself to another checklist poem, but I ran across a poet today doing blackout poems. So I opened a book (reading Fearless Creating lately), started crossing out words. lifted the delicious remaing phrases (kept them in order) and started pasting them into the checklist. Thie result is ….

checklist: discovery

  1. this isn’t to say
  2. there aren’t things
  3. before you start
  4. you need to stretch
  5. stretching anything
  6. priming
  7. preparing
  8. first things first
  9. or start with the last
  10. getting ready
  11. building up steam, momentum
  12. reserve the word “start”
  13. set your alarm clock
  14. how do you do that
  15. somewhere inside, you hold the time perfectly
  16. a perfect clock
  17. a perfect wish to create
  18. say to yourself “tomorrow morning”
  19. you’ll oversleep
  20. “first thing”
  21. you don’t mean it
  22. “right now”
  23. come on with booming reggae
  24. practice starting
  25. say “no” loudly, clearly to aloneness
  26. feel belligerent that split second “no” whispers, tempts
  27. take that short walk to a passionate begining
  28. encounter
  29. bring yourself
  30. get caught in a maze
  31. enter a trance
  32. hush, hold
  33. start.