Day nine – and it’s Sunday! And the prompts are …

Robert Lee Brewer’s AprPAD challenge prompt is “so (blank)“, where you fill in the blank. BTW – quite a number of participants post their attempt of the day there, you may enjoy browsing through them!

NaPoWriMo’s featured participant today is Ordinary Average Thoughts,  their featured poet is Thomas Lux and  optional prompt is to write a nine-line poem.

.As for my personal Poem A Day Challenge , today’s PAD is … a sidewalk.

30Day Poetrry Challeng is still MIA (I’m a bit worried.)

Like many of you reading, my Saturday yesterday got full – which doesn’t leave a lot of time to sit and ruminate on each prompt. On days like that, I sometimes “cheat”- pulling out a tried & true methid of gathering a poem.

I tried a spine poem – pulling books from my library and filling the foot of my bed with re-organized stacked books … but nothing felt like “truth’.

However, in archiving poems, I ran across a list of found lines I was given in college. I had previously used them to compose centros Formed Eye and When I Have Fears back in 1986. And something felt very right about those pages today. So today I used a centro. I cut up the lines and let The Pixy play.  The result is my “panic” centro.

panic centro

why is the word pretty so over-rated
there are no ideas but in things
nothing would sleep in that cellar
even the dirt kept breathing a small breath, waiting
the cross sits, it’s shadow a fly on my window
what i took in hand grew weight
dragging it’s slimy belly on the bank
a descent follows, endless and destructible
what but design of darkness to appall
stale beer afternoons in desolate groves
the doberman, black as caviar
became an entanglement, circuits crossing circuits
scattered filaments of stella
run down by drunken taxicabs
you fit into me
like a hook in an eye
like a truck driving into the sea
incarnate gaps, time and space.

Have a great sunday, everyone!