Day TWENTY – Yes, we just finished our 2nd ten day stetch. And since we are going to Apr 30, we are 2/3rds of our way there!

I have some new finds today. but bear with me – gremlins and mischeivious brownies abound today.

First todays’ Poem-A Day challenges …

My personal Poem A Day Challenge prompt is  … stale air.

Robert Lee Brewer’s AprPAD challenge prompt is write a task poem.

NaPoWriMo’s featured participant today is this and other poems; the featured poet is poet Rickey Laurentiis being interviewed by the poet Carl Phillips. You can find examples of Laurentiis’ work here and Phillips’ work here. And, the best part I think, their prompt is to write a poem that incorporates the vocabulary and imagery of a specific sport or game.

Poetry School’s NaPoWRiMo 2017 prompts are here.

Gina Weld Hulse still has her Haiku a DAy challenge.

Now NEW stuff I’ve found …

Apparently Poetry Month is big in Billings, Montana (gorgeous area!); on the Billings365 site they have had workshops offered to encourage poeming each day. The last one was on April 13th; the newest workshop is April 27th. Led by poets Danell Jones and Anna Paige,  the newest workshop highlights poema draft of a poem – a fragment of poetry, or even just an idea for a poemevery day of the month. So – if you’re near Billings – check it out!

And talking about global places, Singpore Poetry WritingMonth (SingPoWriMo) on facebook has had their own Singapore-themed prompts gping each day. With them so many timezones ahead of the Pacific Northwest – It’s already Friday April 21 over there – and yes – they have their Friday prompt up!

HitRecord’s Poem Every Day has a 30 DAy Poem-A Day Challenge going  that showed up on my feed today. She has 426 people participating in it with her.

Triferet Journal has been having a Poem-a-thon going here.

Poetry Potion has a weekly Poem-A-Day prompt (not sure how that works but it does).

ACAdemy of American Poets AKA  has their own take on poem-a-day, in which THEY offer a poem a day for reading, most unpublished, from many of today’s poets.

Let me close today with a memory poem …


I cannot find you
cannot unearth you from the press of past days;
I looked for your color, your unfamiliarity –
for truth be told, you slipped past me without seeing
and slid down that slide of sand;
I fear you buried, hidden as photos are
without light and hands.