Counting today, there are only three days left of November’s Writing Challenges. (Also see end of today’s post for announcement. )

Sorry for my absence – I was knocked down for two days that left me feeling like I was going through a wringer.  Still, being self-employed doesn’t mean I get sick days – so it was two days of huddling on the couch: NCIS binge-watching while converting and uploading images to RedBubble. Basically “cut & paste” so my spinning head did not have to compose any sentences. Worth it; I made one of my rare sales. I love it when art pieces find a forever home! It let me know that the past two days were not a waste of my (I felt) super-human efforts.

Let me go off on a tangent here … Before, watching once in a blue moon, I never noticed before how NCIS made sexual harrassment was on NCIS – and it even belittled & discounted sexual harrassment training. Especially in the first season.  In light of this post-Weinstein discussion, it is sickening and definately written within the “old boys network”. One of the last episiodes I watched last night ended with a “rape victim”  (who the story revoloved around) admitting she wasn’t raped, she made the story up after being found naked.  As someone who suffered long-term sexual abuse and more than my share of rape, I was left furious; all the damage they had in the storyline to various characters were the result from the “lie”.  Man – this fiction is all kinds of misogynist tropes. Yes – I love Abby, but I don’t think I can really watch a show that glorifies sexual harrassment as just normal conversation between sexes in the workplace, especially a supposed military workplace. If I wasn’t already sick – I would have been.  

Yes – this is a topic I feel pasionate about!  And I don’t touch on it much here. But it is a strong factor in WHO I am. It is something that has shaped my daily life. It continues to be a  strong strand in my poetry, as my mind still works out how to re-program & re-write all the damage wrought. The most important truth that my poetry has uncovered – i have a right to my own voice, my own feelings, my own body, and definately have a right to make my own choices and decisions.

Needless to say – but I willNCIS is not worth my time. I’m not one to quit a story that I start; once I start a series or book, I go to the end of it. But in this case, Now that my mind isn’t consecuatively frozen and overheated, I think the second season is a good place to quit. If I wasn’t sick, I doubt I would have even stayed with it that long.

While I was unable to write while sick, I did get three Tangles done and colored and another two started. Strange how I could effictively use symbols, but not words, while I was sick. Or maybe not too strange; what is poetry but using symbols and images to say what you are being kept from expressing.  Another after-effect from my earlier abusive past. And perhaps that is why I find Zentangle to be so satisfying; it is meant to result in abstract images.

Okay … on to prompts.


I am going to include the past two days, as I was too sick to even look them up:

On Robert Lee Brewer’s Writers Digest NovPAD, his prompts were:

On Poetry Potion’s Poem-A-Day, they set the prompts as

Mia Botha’s November prompts:

  • Sunday: “liar
  • Monday: “I have plans
  • Today’s: “I turn the page

My mind is already looking at the theme that develops between these 9 prompts – and I’m thinking NCIS’s infurinating storyline is going to be juxtaposed along with my own experiences. I’ve already started one poem … ‘voice of mine” …


  • Sunday: “One day, the wood carvings your parents collect come to life.
  • Mo.nday: “Write a story (or chapter) from the POV of the protanganist’s grandparent.
  • Today’s: “Choose your favorite villian from a book, movie or TV show and create a sympathic back-story.


Quilted Greeting zentangle by CC Willow
Quilted Greeting zentangle by CC Willow

Quilted Greeting features Adele, doty and drops in a tapestry of colors. i kept it predominately green because “Holidays”!

Wreath was me playing with the pattern Pozer within String #47.

Holidaze started with a spiral of Jingle, filling out the spaces with a spiral of lenche & a enhancement of web.

Wreath zentangle by CC Willow
Wreath zentangle by CC Willow
Hollidaze by CC Willow
Hollidaze by CC Willow


Poinsetta by CC Willow
Poinsetta by CC Willow

Reminder, my Etsy site CC Willow Arts will be 10% off through December (I can gift-wrap for you). Also – If you like my zentangle patterns, many are available on items, like pillows, on RedBubble. I’ve got over 30 new ones uploaded. And will get even more uploaded today …

Also – sidenote: due  to conflicts popping up, I haven’t got my tree yet, like I said I would. Maybe this Saturday … 

Poinsetta by CC Willow
Poinsetta by CC Willow

If you are into community theater and in Oregon’s Willamette Valley – the murder mystery that I have been in rehearsals for – “Christmas At The Blizzard” – WILL BE OPENING THIS FRIDAY NIGHT. See Silverton’s  Brush Creek Playhouse’s website for details …