Sorry for being AWOL! I had a March 1 deadline for finishing my Cherry Blossom Festival 2019 parasols and I just had to hyper-focus. My disabilities stop me from multi-tasking like I used to; everything just had to go on the back burner … And now it’s been two days of digging myself – and the house  – out of everything that piled up. I tell you, the number of e-mails is overwhelming!

And I’m still not finished with the dishes. And I’ve been washing them most of the afternoon.

I don’t have my prompt list yet for March – So let’s just wing it. Because something is better than nothing – And I’ve offered only nothing the past 9 days (well-other than original art). But it’s the first time in decades I have gone a day – let alone nine – without writing a poem. … But I am leaning towards exploring latin this month

So let’s set Tuesday’s poetry prompt as “vēr – spring; springtime of life”

And for a spring poem – on a day where most of the snow is melted in Salem and the day hints at Spring – I am going o share Checklist: To Begin Anew as a sample…

Checklist: To Begin Anew by Ariel

Oh, and those parasols? This is what I finished with …

Cherry Blossom Festival 2019 parasols by CC Willow

I installed “Cherry Blossoms & Tulips” and “Cherry Blossoms & Oak Leaves” Saturday morning at Salem’s Capital Community Television’ lobby for March’s Cherry Blossom Festival. I should have my other locations assigned by Monday. I am really hoping one of those locations will be the Oregon Capital Building,

My CC Willow parasols will be available for $75 each; a lot of time and care have gone into each of them. I hope to have them uploaded to my CC Willow Art site  on Etsy by Wednesday.

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My archive of blog’ poetry prompts is here.
You know – I’m all about the prompts!!


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