So the first week of the challengees is now officially in the bag. How you holding up?

As for me, the housework is slipping as the writing steps up. My projects are revving up; the poeming, the novel-writing, the art … and the demanding weather-proofing that November’s weather demands.  Today I must get new weather-stripping for the front door; there’s a terrible breeze sliding under it. The small daily tasks are falling down on the priority lists and sometimes pie up for a few days. I have several sheets drapped over a recliner waiting to be folded – the cats are happy with mme neglecting it as tahgives them a new napping spot.

Checking Mia Botha’s November prompts, I see today’s is “dot, dot, dot”  – ellipsis?  That written pause, that anticiaptory, teasing pause … elipsis gap I admit I frequently use this tool in my poems.  In my writing, this is a useful tool to conveying emotion of confilct when I am writing within a character’s chain of thought or of an overlapping conversation between two people. Those dots can tanslate into any number of actions or emotions. Should I tell Dear Elipsis.pnghim … or not? You know I really like your hot thick … bread . It is an excellent communicator of those pockets of silence within our words. And I love how the reader can fill in the space. I prefer it more than  the dash; it’s more versatile.

On to the prompts ….


Poem-A-Day Challenges

Brewer has set the NovPAD prompt to write a “thing” poem. Check his page, He always offers ways to use the prompt of the day and then he shares his own attempt.

Poetry Potion’s PAD prompt today is “the things I don’t say“. I’m really feeling this one! I leave too many things unsaid these days.

As mentioned above, Mia Botha’s November prompt is “dot, dot, dot” …


And NaNoWriMo today’s prompts is “Each time your character walks by a mirror, a fleeting glimmer of another world beckons. What happens next? Write Your story.”


20171030d Zentangle cropped
A Zentangle by CC Willow

Yesterday’s creation in pen and watercolor; I started with the sun spray of Flukes and then branched out from there with a wave of Wist, hills of SeaSwirls, a gathering of Festunes and finished with a cascade of Nipa.