I sat today in a south Salem Starbucks with one of my favorite poets, and people, TL Cooper for a poeming session …

Well, that was our intention-  poeming and blogging.

I’m not sure we did any actual writing. <grin> I had invited her earlier to be a guest poster earlier – which sent her to checking out what prompt RLB posted for today.  So when we got together,  she took me on the journey the prompt took her, which lead to us discussing how we follow the thread a poem takes us  and somehow morphed, as as our conversations do  into events happening in our country and world.

Somewhere in our conversaion was a discussion on how to make today a joint post – her preference  to writing one by herself – and how we could approach it one way – or another … When my computer died (damn gremlins),  we gave up the illusion of being there to write & just dived deep into chatting and topics. It ws messy, it was real – and damn, that’s what I love about poets & poetry. We can be utterly real – and somehow out of that chaos, an order, a sense develops … and then a poem.

But now … now I finally have charge again in my laptop , so I must go on today -sans TLC.


For his Poem-A-day challenges (November’s & April’s) Robert Lee Brewer has set a tradition of  TwoFerTuesday – Yes, two prompts for the price of one. TL states that the two TFT prompts end up getting incorporated into one poem (like today’s did) But for me, my muse tends to treat both prompts separately. Both modus operandi are completely valis.Today’s NOv PAD prompts are  Doday’s NvPAD prompts are 1) Days of Week or 2) Days of Weak

Poetry Potions has a PAD prompt of “PAD prompt of “sleep”

On Martha’s Pinterest PAD Challenge, Mia Botha has “sculpted” done for today.


NaNoWriMo Prompt for today is Take the last thing your character wanted to do anyd find a way to force thiem to do it..


Because I was out and about, I did not do a zentangle today  …. but here s yesterday’s

IMG_20171101_094910247 (2)
Zentangle by CC Willow