Today is Monday, and for me it’s one of my few scheduled days. And today has an extra trip folded into it.

So naturally, the Gremlins are excited and active …

So this post is being composed on my phone and on the fly. I might be able to have it be as interactive tive as I prefer.But bear with me – and I’ll bear with me and this might get accomplished as I fly through my day. 😎

Hey, I can add emoticons with a phone post. Coolio!


Brewer has set today’s NovPAD prompt as write a praise poem. I saw this earlier ironically when I was standing in a informal prayer garden.

Poetry Potion’s PAD prompt is “the people next door” 

Mia Botha’s prompt is “the carpet“.


NaNo’s prompt for this day is “write a short story about a person who faked their death“.


And now my phone is threatening to die as well. That’s four devices I’ve gone through today. … Sheesh. Well, there’s other prompts still to get to – but I’ve been trying to send this out since 10 am and, damnit, Day 6 post IS getting posted before Day 7 starts! So here it goes. 

See ya’ tomorrow, peeps!