So Nov 5th … or Day 5 as I call it. 🙂

I’m starting to get in the groove of writing – and as I’ve done in the past – the more I producive I am at writing, the more productive I am at the non-writing chores.   Of course, some is the natural procrastination we writers have:  Choice A: Wash out the garbage bins that now has it’s own culture thriving in their depths or Choice B Write your character out of a spot of trouble …  Choice A it is!

So now I am the proud owner of three dinged-up but shiny refuse bins (with NEW labels – Garbage, Recycling, Bottles&Cans), a bahtub that needs Haz-Mat treatment, 4 poems and a NaNoWriMO word count approaching 10K.  And …

Getting ready for Salem’s NaNoWriMo Kick-Off party. It’s a Sunday event here! Looking forward to seeing faces on faces instead of just my FB wall!


Brewer has today’s NovPAD prompt as “self-destruct”. And his sample today is a lil’ humorous, considering how well he has been meeting his fitness goals this past year.

By the by, November’s PAD challenge differ’s from his April PAD month in that November’s ultimate goal is to have enough poems to compile a chapbook with at the end. Thhis is why I tend to work with an overall theme for November’s poems. Though I admit – this month’s theme has not emerge yet. Going to keep poeming until my muse decides to share it out-loud with me.

I am finding a near deserted room when I look for other November Poem-A Day challenges – not sure what is going on with those who have hosted them in the past.. Perhaps,  life has their attention needed elsewhere – it is pretty challenging just

November 30 Day Challenge
Sharing again … Found on Pinterest: November’s Poem-A=Day prompts by Mia Botha

trying to survive present life these days. Given the dearth – Next November I think I will step up to the plate and host another of my own, rather than rely on others to do it for me.

I have noticed that Poetry Potion’s Poem-A-Day website is offering a prompt a day. I discovered them back last April; not sure if they just kept it going after national Poetry Month was done or if they have re-animated it but here’s PAD’s prompts:

Day 1: Calling

Day 2: Rainbows & old flags

Day 3: The Lonely Dance

Day 4: Remember when …

Day 5: Pieces of Sunday


As for NaNoWriMo: Their prompt for today is: Give yourself a cameo i your own story.

There are great tools on their official site & I am utilizing the NaNoWordSprints they host on Twitter is keep my word count up. It helps sometimes to just switch off the worries and just engage the lizard brain.

20171031a Zentangle cropped
Zentangle ???? Not sure yet but subtitling this ” Pacific NW Magic”



As for my CC Willow portion of life – I am trying to do a new Zentangle a  Day – like this one here and Day 2’s cover pix …






Well – time to get finished getting ready for the writing party.

  • Laptop- check.
  • Charge cord – check.
  • Old NaNoWrMo badges – check.
  • NovPAD Journal – check.
  • Pens &encils – check.
  • Clothes – ?? Uh- oh!

Ummm – gotta go!