So yesterday was a silent – but productive day.

Silent – as  the devices I had access toinfested with bogarts & brownies and not letting me communicate with anyone (no keyboard, no mobile internet, heck – no clocks) and those that miht have worked … were missing or hidden. <rueful smile>  No posting; no writing.  I’m one of theose people that tend to keep their phone on hand – where I go, it usually goes … and the battery usually “goes” because I forget or lose the charge cord at home. Friday, I found /remembered the charge cord … but forgot the phone. Sheesh!  (Probably because it didn’t charge during the night & was already dead.) When it’s dead, I have no access to my day’s schedule and tasks, having to wing it. Difficult on good days – this week I am juggling a few priorities, all of which meant going out and about.

So, no, I didn’t get a chance to access RLB”s prompt for Friday; didn’t get an oppportunity to sit and add more words to my new novel.

But – being off the leash – yesterday turned out to be fun!

Those of you who are my friends on Twitter , Facebook and IRL know, as member of the

SAlem Art Walk's Steampunk Masquerade Ball
SteamPunk Masquerade Ball on November 11, 2017 Reed Opera House Ballroom

Salem Art Walk Committee,  as CC Willow, I am part of the team organizing the inaugeral Steampunk Masquarade Ball scheduled November 11th. Steampunk is one of those fashion trends I play with in my wardrobe. (Hope to share more of it on my Urban Hobbit website.) And this Ball is the brainchild and earworm of my fellow artist, Anna Davis. (Talk about a renaissance woman! Artist, mother, comic store co-owner, creative genius. Get a chance to meet her? Do! She’s awesome.) … Anywho – Janet Reese and I have been working the food details and Anna D. really wanted a chocolate fountain and she wants fondue as one of the food features …

One of my errands was to go to Craft Warehouse to pick up some art/steampunk/knitting supplies, and with one of the craft/art venders malls in the same parking lot, I checked out vender space there at “River Mall”. The rental prices ended up being rediculously high, but I did love looking at the selection some local people have … and, lo’ and behold, the Ball now has a fondue pot set! And I have found a source for my necklaces’ supplies. …

And then I went and played at Craft Warehouse. It took a while – I have to be very deliberate these days on what I buy. But – as I missed the bus home twice, I ended up wandering around for almost three hours, getting inspriation for future pieces. And some ideas I am going to borrow. (And I found paraffin oil for my oil lamps! Yippie!)

Then it was Down Town to drop off the fondue set to Anna D. and see her sweet boy, Pippen. She was elated to see my find!

Back to Salem’s so-lame bus and – <big grin> friend Gene was calling it an early day andeheaded home himself. My so-lame  commute Ended up not being lame at all – fun conversation and teasing.

Home – and the Faire Folke were not done playing games. Electronics still dead. <sigh>  Plugged them in again and then started pulling props down from my attic for the Christmas play. And then costumes …

Which then led to packing up son’s car & heading for rehearsal …. where my character got gifted with a Southern accent.

Late dinner with son …

You can understand – I crashed in bed when I got home!

Now today … devices are now charged. Hobgoblins probably decided to sulk since I was ignoring them yesterday.

Minor catastrophes and messes created the past few days are now cleaned up or thrown away. Dishes done, bed made, waher chugging along …

Time to join the world – and here I am, a day late, a dollar short, but here!

Missing a day of November Poem-A-Day (or NaNoWriMo) however is NOT an instant loss for the monthly challenge. Like any other habit, I just pick it up the next day  and catch up …


So Brewer’s prompt for Friday’s Day 3 is to write a “triangle poem”; he explains what a triangle poem is on his Day 3 post.  I think I will be going with the three sides, three corners approach …

Today, Day 4 prompt is to take the phrase “Whosoever (blank)“; theese type of prompts gives your muses a long leash. A word of warning, that leash is made of strong elastic and your muse willl probably be going so fast, you will be pulled along on your belly!


And for us doing NaNoWriMo Day 4 – being the first Saturday of November, today is Double Up Day!!


Well, time to poem, novel … and then to take scavenge gears off watches and obsolete appliences for my “ballgown”.

If you are also going to the Steampunk Masqurade Ball and need to create your garb, check out my Pinterest Steampunk board … in preparation for the ball, I’ve been finding real good ideas!

Well – Lady Pixy (my laptop) is still feeling rebellious and recalcitrant today. Probaly stilll infested with gremlins. So let me finally post “Publish” and put them in time out for a lil’ bit …