steampunk+ball+flyer (1)So … in September I found myself a member of the committee to put on Salem’s Inaugural SteamPunk Masquerade Ball. So the past two months we have been gearing up for it. And tonight’s The Night!

Thursday’s migraine knocked me out for Thursday & Friday – but I can be found right now in the kitchen of the Reed Opera House Ballroom as one of the catering team!

And Tonight I will be Lady Katherine: Time Lady and The Doctor’s Abpmonation.  

But first … the prompts for yesterday and today:


Writer’s Digest prompt for Friday  was to write a going somewhere poem. Today’s is write an unlucky poem.

Poery Potion’s Poem-A-Day has set their Friday prompt as “my father said…” .  They have “Reaching forward as today’s.

Mia Botha’s is Friday’s “Used teabags” & Saturday’s “Walk the dog.


Friday’s prompt was “Write a story from the POV of the building in which it takes place.”

Today’s is “Grab the nearest book, flip to a random page,  and point.  Use that word or sentence in your next chapter.”

Gotta go … Pinwheels sandwiches to make …

Tonight’s gonna be yummy …. umm, I mean fun!!