I really admire how Robert Lee Brewer creates a poem to share with each of his PAD prompts.

I want to do that – really, really want to do that on my Poem-A-Day challenges.  I also want to have my post ready to publish at 12:01 instead of 12:01 pm.

However, due to my current health issues, inconsistancy is my M.O lately.  Standing and walking is a big goal these days (one I mostly make in part to yoga!) and , as stated before, I am trying hard to let go of my perfectionism. For a while, in fits and starts, my health hadn’t even let me write poetry. And – for me – living without poetry, or even being unable to read was pure hell. And for those who didn’t know, the past year I have struggled with significant short-term memory issues. Many times during the day, I am just relearning over & over again (What does that button do? How did I tie shoes again? Where’s the damn light switch?). Or looking for that thing I just had in hand. (Which is why being in a play right now is a major acheivement right now for me; I’m really studying and working harder on these lines than any other play I have done.)

So back to baby steps. Get up. Make bed. Get dressed. Yoga. Show up at appointments. Blog, poem, write somewhere in between.  Maybe market my art some. For now, a daily poem is again an eventual goal. Like my NaNoWriMo word count – I’m getting there. 


Writer’s Digest Nov Pad for this sunday is to write a transformative poem.

Poetry Potion’s PAD prompt is “the giant inside”.

Mia Botha’s prompt for today is “It evaded me”.


NaNo’s prompt for Sunday is “Have someone find a partially illegible note.”

I admit – I’m behind on my NaNoWriMo writing. I haven’t had a chance to do any writing since Wednesday; Thursday’s migraine knocked me out until mid-friday & with the food prep for the SteamPunk Masquerade Ball, I was in the kitchen from noon-ish until about 9 pm on Saturday. My sacrifice was worth it though; we expected about 170 attendees and probably twice that number showed up.  It took quite a bit of creativity from Janet & I to get the food to stretch; and once I emerged from the kitchen  (9ish) to join the party, everyone expressed their gratitude for the yummy food. (Note: the food was purchased by other members on the committee. I just prepped, heated & served.)


TLC Zentangle
“TLC – Zentangle using claire, tipple, vache, ornaments & bubble love.

I didn’t have a chance to Zentangle either.  Again, I channeled my creativity into food yesterday. So I guess that means 2 tangles are needed today …

Here’s one I’m not sure I had shared yet though. I was thinking of my fellow poet & friend, TL Cooper, when I created this one. – I’m thinking last Sunday? Monday? One of those days, as I was anticipating our Tuesday afternoon. I’m not sure what number this one will be -yet (they go in order of creation) however, given that her logo, agline and intials – I think the working title of this will be “TLC”

Lastly – a look at last night’s shananagins … the Salem Art Walk’s first Steampunk Masquerade Ball!

SteamPunk Masquerade Ball
SteamPunk Masquerade Ball Nov 11, 2017 at the Reed Opera House Ballroom.


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The funniest part of the evening was when my Art Walk friend, Janet, made a blooper and I heard her mutter “Dammit, Janet” in the best Rocky Horror Picture Show style!