It’s Monday – Which for me  is one of the days fully scheduled, so I’m running today …

I usually have a theme in mind before a PAD challenge ensues – but this year my mind felt no pull towards a particular subject – So I thought I would then see what theme will develop through the month … and one has starting with Day 1.  Let me share my current draft …


i knit and i purl.
i loop a multi-hued, multi-layed yarn, back & forth with my right hand
interweaving it complexly with flesh and with metal;
i must do this. it is november.

i intend this to protect my head
or my throat with it’s precious voicebox,  my precious breathing.
i intend not to wheeze through my words;
do not want to be a walking contagion.

fall’s color turns to winter storms and soggy ground
and i follow rituals to prepare – a flu vaccine to the shoulder,
wood stacked, books with blank pages to fill every day, colored ink.
i cast on that precious length of silken thread,  narrating something that will warm.


Writer’s Digest NovPAD prompt is to pick a city and make that the title of your poem. RLB states your poem DOES NOT HAVE to be about that city.

Prompt for Poetry Potion’s PAD is “the children inside“.

On Mia Bothas’ November Calendar,  Mia has “water flowed” for today


For Day 13, NaNo has this plot prompt: Look at you hand and write about the most precious thing it ever held.


20171029 Zentangle (2)

Had fun playing with the string on this tangle. patterns includes Amaze, fans, triadz, puff, puffle  and a nipa tangelation, laid out on a nine-patch.  I like this in just the pure ink, don’t think I’ll use any watercolor on this one ….