Halfway there! Of course, I refer to – not word count – but time. And if you find yourself not even halfway through the poems , not even at the 25K word count  at the end of today, that’s okay… We still have another 15 days; plenty of time still to write!

In fact we have Thanksgiving coming up. In the past, whenever I’ve gotten behind, Thanksgiving weekend has given me blocks of quality writing time. (I’ve never been one for Christmas shopping on a holiday celebrating gratitude). One year,  I wrote 10K words on the Thanksgiving weekend …… and still worked all day Friday .

I stayed up late last night doing some catch-up and it’s a cold day today. Since I don’t have any appointments today I’m hunkering in bedrooms of solitude; vacilitating between domestic and writing. My cats have decided to join me (of course there’s heat, fleece, afghans & a human content to ignore and be ignored.). Sometime before my son gets home, I’ll get a fire going and heat up the rest the house. But for now it’s just me and my furries…

And a lap-top. And 15 more days.

Draft from Nov 12th’s prompts:


heavy rain hitting plastic tarp
it’s a cold night, but i open
the window to let the pitter-pat tapping in.



Brewer has set “stranger (blank)” as the prompt for NovPAD’s midway point.

Mia Botha has “just walk away” for Day 15.

ANd Poetry Potion is prompting “I am to blame“.


NaNo’s prompt for today is “One of your characters writes a manifesto. What does it say? Where does he posted it?


Zentangle by CC WillowToday’s zentangle mixed printemps and triadz to highlight the poke-root pattern. Loved the colors in this one.







I remember now why I post mid-day and not early, early hours. My actual intention in staying up last night was to post early for those in earlier time zones. But I like including the prompts – especially the links to the daily prompts … which come from others humans in other time zones. By 3 am PST,  today’s posts weren’t posted yet … guess those other humans had human things to do – like sleep, eat, care for kidlings. Anywho, I finally gave up on that goal and hit the pillows.