September 17, or – as my people think of it – four months until St. Patrick’s Day! I’m wearing the green today!

Been busy doing a lot of novelling last night & today on Everybody Likes Pie. I’m still going in a direction that I had hoped, but the tone of it is morphing into more of an irreverent comedy. But having fun getting to know the characters.

I do know I need to become better friends with my villians. I really don’t have much sympathy for them yet – but understandable; they are the type of people I avoid in real life. But, hey, everybody has a reason for doing what they do… and everybody is a hero in their own story, even villains. I just have to find a way to make even my villains my ”darlings”. And then I can kill them …


For today’s Writers Digest’s NovPAD, write a “what I meant to say” poem.

Poetry Potion’s PAD prompt is “stop running

Mia Botha tosses “grass cuttings” into today’s mix.


NaNo’s suggestion for today is “a special light lets someone will see the truth about a person or object precious to them”.


Cat's Toys zentangleI’m sub-titling this zentangle “Cat Toys” As I like how it suggests yarn.

This piece includes AA’s, Mak-Ra-Mee, and Nekton patterns. It is composed of ink & watercolor on acid-free recycled paper.





And one of the brownies is insisting I share one of my poems from yesterday …

just another day
just another day
just another crisis
just another dodge
just another brick wall
just another bullet
just another wound
just another scar
just another test
just another night
just another silence

just another…