I thought I already posted this… Well, here it goes.

I have set today aside for poeming & noveling. So now I have the dishes done , two loads of laundry folded and one washing, floors swept, and a lil’ Thanksgiving prep handled.

Okay  – break is over.

Time to get serious. Gotta hit this weeks’ word count .

Here’s the prompts …


Brewer has set Saturday’s NovPAD prompt as “good for nothing”.

Poetry Potion’s PAD today is “The venomous ones”.

Mia Botha’s has “her husband” down for today’s prompt.



The official NaNo prompt for today is “Your protagonist has a useless superpower. What is it? How does it affect their life?“.



Zentangle by CC Willow


You can guess where today’s color theme came from …