And, yes, there will be a poem shared!

So yesterday I let procrastination limit how much I could write y’day. When I did get to Everybody Likes Pie, I was able to lose myself completely in it … for about 30 mins at a time. But then my inner domestic kept reminding me of chores I needed to do, which led to more chores needing to be done. Writers’ life, sheesh.

But today is Scavenger Hunt Write-In with my local NaNoWriMo group at the Salem Library – can’t get pull away with housework if I’m out of the house! Boom. That’s how I beat the procrastination monster.

And tonight I’ll do some word sprints; that should carry me through this rough patch.

Here’s the prompts …


On Writer’s Digest, Brewer’s NovPAD prompt is to write an abundant poem.

In Poetry Potion’s PAD, they are suggesting a “Coup de Grâce” today.

And Mia Botha’s has rules change for this Sunday.


The official NaNo prompt for today is “Write a story about a troublesome ghost in an unexpected location, like your phone or a sock drawer“.


Fallin In Love, zentangle by CC Willow

Last night I was playing with hearts but it’s Fall and ya’ know I gots ta play wit’ da colors … which leads to the name …

Inspiration? I truly love bushes whose leaves turn to orange or red in the fall!


I need to get going; gather my shtuff for today’s write-in, grab my Writing tiara (yes, in my NaNo group it’s ‘a thing’) . But let me end today’s post with sharing a draft of a NovPAD poem:

letter to the world

line by line i write to you
online and offline hoping you’ll hear.
i unwind a truth for you,
trying not to string you along by pity, but by understanding;
a yarn by the evening fire.

i talk the talk, walk the line, fall over the edge.
i bleed ink across the page;
i bleed, an iron line flowing down to you.
i am longitude and latitude, an equator, a date line;
a graphed correlation from one point to the next,

an itinerary –
one conclusion leading to the next, leading to the next;
connecting the dots, connecting us – you and me.
this is the shortest distance  to you …
please, don’t let me miss.


…because, after all, this blog is ultimately my conversation with you! And one shares with friends.