Tech issues, so this post will be composed in stages today.

One of those days when I can’t quite get my emotions under control – so all my devices are SLIDing and in the weirdest ways (im) possible. Let’s go from phone to ‘puter now …

And get this’ puppy’ formatted … Will it work now? Will it work?  Maybe – with additional tasking acrobatics …


November 30 Day ChallengeWrite a “what I learned” poem for today’s Writer’s Digest NovPAD prompt.

Poetry Potions Prompt is “not what we expected”. I may combine this one with the one above; they seem to go together …

Mia Botha’s prompt is “hello


NaNo’s suggestion for today is “You wake up on a boat unsure how you got there, but slowly the events of the last 24 hours come back to you.This one gave my plot a sweet twist!



Last night tangle was a simple play in with the Angel Fish pattern and a new string. It reminds me of a Four O’Clock vine. So that’s it’s sub-title… I did say I love Fall colors!

I think that’s it for today’s sharing …  Monday’s are fully scheduled and I’ve borrowed too much time here. But, heck if I’m going to let a little SLIDing stop me from my goal of November postings!