Spent this morning looking for my glasses; never did find them. I suspect the brownies took them & hid them. Today is also a day when physical law refuse to work for me. Those two challenges leave today being a “catch me if you can” day.

I need to spend today in my role as CC Willow, working on my online art offerings & setting up a holiday sale. So, on for today …


Today is another TwoFerTuesday on Robert Lee Brewers November Poem-A Day. They are:

  1. write a construction poem
  2. write a deconstruction poem

Poetry Potions Prompt is “the war inside“. This may end up being about my relationship with the household brownies … 

Mia Botha’s prompt is “you, again


NaNo’s suggestion for today is “You are a modern genie, traveling the internet looking for wishes to grant.



Zentangle by CC Willow
Another Zentangle by CC Willow

This tangle is a playdate with the Lenche pattern around my own pattern of Petaling. Roses & fans … reminds me of summery June!