Happy Holidays!

Right now, Christmas is not the only holiday this month to celebrate (That’s why I greet peeps with Happy Holidays!) – and even if this is not my heritage, I still want to honor its’ presence. Especially since so many of my far-away friends are Jewish. The most well-known of course is Hanukkah / Chanukkah which started Sunday – making this Day 4. ( I’m not sure which is most appropriate).

I was a nanny once for a Jewish family and I must say that the nights of Hanukkah were very peaceful and loving.

I said before that this is not my heritage; however I know, as a follower of Christ, the Christ was Jewish. And in what I know tf the Jewish religion, there are far many more common beliefs than there are differences. In fact, many of us Christians today have co-opted the Jewish early history via the bible.  Secondly – I have a strong belief that is humans are the same family.  We may be separated by numerous generations but we all came from the same original human(s). And lastly – MY culture is American – of which there are many Jewish customs that have gotten incorporated in. So I don’t think I am out of line in writing poems to honor that history in my friends and neighbors.

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And it’s great to see modern artists putting out songs to honor that celebration of the Miracle of Eight Nights. Today I am going with Matishayu’s Happy Hannukkah – which is two lines that really spoke to me so today has two prompts – “light up your nights, my gift to you”  “you’re my light in the night of my hardest time”.

Here are the lyrics from Google; credit goes to Kobalt Music Publishing.

Tonight I will be in my CC Willow persona; it is the Something Red Art Walk Reception 5-8pm at Elsinore Gallery.  I have been looking forward to! It will be interesting to see which artists win this year. And it is a great chance to enjoy some of Salem’s finest musicians. I did my volunteering early, so tonight I am duty-free and can just kick back with my artists’ group, cheering each other on and swapping stories. on our art pieces’ journeys.

And wear Red. Lots and lots of red. I am thinking of wearing my red prayer shawl tonight’ I have never worn it outside the house before and whoever knitted it for me did some magnificent stitchwork; I really feel I should share it with the world.

Tomorrow – after the jurying is announced tonight, I can share my three Something Red Art pieces here.  But if you want to see my alcohol ink & resin art tonight, you can find …


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Cover image provided by NaNOWriMo 2018.