Redhead by CC Willow

I’m behind the counter today with my red head, assisting in the Artists in Action’ “Something Red” Art Walk intake … Been kept busy as artists throughout the Willamette Valley drop off art for this annual event! 

I have entered two of my own, CC Willow art pieces- Redhead & Tent at World Beat Festival.


NovPAD prompt for this Saturday is “write a remix poem”. I’ll be grabbing one of my November’ checklist poems and reworking it.

Poetry Potion’s prompt is “Rain, rain, rain“.

Mia Botha’s gives up “smoke” as her suggestion.


NaNo offers a dialouge prompt today: “Now, now, we musn’t play with murder, my dear. It isn’t civil.”


Just finished laying the watercolor on today’s tangle. This features Fescu surrounded by a B’tweed star, edged with a Batumber pattern.

Holiday Zentangle by CC Willow