Okay – Now that midnight has past and my fridge is full of tastry turkey (Thanks, Son!), I’ll now concede it’s Christmas in the house! Something about a full meal with the family and then board games around the table definately get me into the mood! As you could probably tell from last night’s tangling …

About prompts:

Only one week left of prompts from November’s Challenges. Which gets me thinking … if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you would know “I’m all about the prompts! I love finding them! I love sharing them. If I come across a prompt I like – I’m sharing it with my online poet/writer friends. However, I do have some I create from myself, or ones that just pop-up organically. … Like “horns” today keep speaking to me.

I am thinking of offering my own writing prompt each day if there is enough of a demand for it. Starting December 1st. And, yes, I can post it at midnight my time (as I won’t be dependant on anyone first posting their prompt-of-the-day, that creates a time  lag). (Not today’s lag though, I slept in like a cat with a cat! It felt wonderful!)

Do let me know if you’re interested …. ???


For Black Friday, Robert Lee Brewer has his prompt (on Writer’s Digest) today as “how I’ll be remembered“.

Today, Poetry Potions suggests we write about “Bodies and boxes“.

And we have “Somethig was off” from Mia.

I’m thinking today’s poems are going to be morcbid and humorous from my muse today … she’s giggling.


NaNo’s suggestion is “Kill off your main character. Then bring them back to life using science or magic.For Everybody Likes Pie, I’m gonna be crying. = because, yes, one of “my darlings” die today.


Zentangle by CC Willow
Horns. A holiday zentangle by CC Willow

Drew this one last night while waching a Robin Williams’ movie with my brother. It features a pattern I created titled cabbage.  See below. Then I added Purk as a contrast and then a flirt of snowflakes using part of Lenche. And. yes, holiday colors ’cause I was full of love at the time!









Poinsetta by CC Willow

Reminder, my Etsy site CC Willow Arts will be 10% off through December (I can gift-wrap for you). Also – If you like my zentangle patterns, many are available on items, like pillows, on RedBubbleSpeaking of which … I need to upload November’s …. I’ve been busy creating this month & not marketing. But tree first!  & then I’ll upload tonight \.