Happy Thanksgiving to those in the United States and Americans abroad! Expecially to our  brave our, defense warriors stationed away from family.

I’m not one these days for expressing my gratitude aloud these days, other than thanking  someone for a favor they have done.  The reason being= it seems a sure-fire way to lose what I appreciate having. The recent years, as soon as I vocalize my appreciaion, the person/place/or thing is soon – often within the day – broken, lost or taken from me. It as if there is an active intelligence behind it, it has left me feeling somewhat paranoid and fearful

This has happened with my writing; it keeps me relatively sane and is my way of talking to the world.  I have had my muses go silent at timees the past three years – or, after posting being grateful, I have dyslexia develop -keeping me from not only writing/ poeming from from being able to read as well.

So when I can read & write, I am very grateful for writing challenges, especially the poem-a-day ones. Having some deadline of (midnight) sends my mind looking and finding my muse …  Having a prompt gives me mind a word, a concept to play withto slide past the fear.


November 30 Day ChallengeI am reminded today that Brewer’s NovPAD Challnge has a goal – to write enough November poems to compose into a chapbook. His prompt today “Write a preface poem” is a good reminder.

Today, Poetry Potions gives us “God’s language” as our prompt.

And we have “whispers” from Mia Botha’s list.


NaNo’s suggestion is “Have your main character smell an unbearable odor.For Everybody Likes Pie, I am actually using this for my kidnap victim; it’s what prompted me to have her kidnapped and not killed – a better story.



Zentangle by CC Willow
Zentangle by CC Willow

I started this last night and literally fell asleep drawing. Finished it up this morning & colored it. It featurs a Flovine pattern ambling over Isocher, Echoism and a Poke Root tanglelation. Harvest Feast today so naturally used harvest colors … 



I’m off to prepare for family – who are too valuable to me to risk saying I’m grateful for  – and some hot cider.


Poinsetta by CC Willow

And – I’m not one for doing Christmasy stuff on Thanksgiving – but, just a heads up that starting tomorrow, my Etsy site CC Willow Arts will be 10% off through December and, yes, giftwrapping & note cards will be available.